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10 Common CV Mistakes

Suzie Finch

Be aware of common mistakes that people make on their CV, cross reference the following 10 points against your own CV to ensure you're job search ready. It could really have a positive effect on your career!

Tough Interview Questions You Need To Know How To Answer

Suzie Finch

The best jobs don’t come easy, competition can be high and Interviews can be tough, we mean really tough. Listen up people, you need to be on your A Game!

Interviewers aren’t just asking you difficult questions for the sake of it, they want to be satisfied that you can demonstrate the skills listed on your CV, can fulfil the ambitions and expectations of the role and how you react to pressurised situations. We’ve got you covered with answers to 23 of the most difficult interview questions you’ll come across…

Should I Lie on My CV?

Suzie Finch

The benefits are obvious, if you get away with it you stand the chance of getting a big kick up the career ladder, but at worst you could find yourself sacked from your role if you get found out.  So is a Fake Resume worth the risk?

How To Write A Student CV

Student Advice, CV Advice, Job Search AdviceSuzie Finch

Employers often receive hundreds if not thousands of applications to their graduate vacancies (making the life of a Graduate Recruiter a particularly stressful one)!  Competition for good professional jobs is tight!

This article is for successful graduates / students looking to create an awesome CV and uncover some amazing job search tips that will help beat other graduate job seekers to the best vacancies.

How to Create the Perfect Freelance CV

CV AdviceSuzie Finch

Writing a CV for freelance positions is a little different to that of permanent ones. Freelance CV's often have to accommodate lots of different projects and achievements therefore you need to ensure you structure things correctly, avoid gaps and display your information that shows you are an expert in your field.