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7 Reasons Why You're Doing This Job Search Thing All Wrong

Job Search AdviceSuzie Finch
7 Reasons Why You're Doing This Job Search Thing All Wrong

If you've been left wondering why you're not getting enough interviews or even having trouble finding the right jobs in the first place then here are 7 reasons why you might just be doing this job search thing all wrong...

1.) You're Only Searching On A Few Sites

// Not all jobs are advertised on the big job boards, look beyond Monster, Career Builder, LinkedIn etc. and you will find a plethora of riches.

There is a long tail of fresh jobs on smaller and lesser known boards, search and bookmark a range of major generalist, niche and regional sources to widen your search.

Applying to positions on smaller job sites means you'll face less competition as employers will receive fewer applications.

2.) Your CV Sucks (and is probably way too long)

// To take your career seriously you need to spend some time properly writing and designing your CV, it is a competitive world out there and you need to stand out.

Also, despite what anyone says - 3 pages is too long. Keep your CV / Resume succinct and to the point (2 pages at most) - recruiters and employers really appreciate this!

3.) You're Not Following Your Job Application Up By Phone

// I've lost count the amount of times I've heard "I’d actually discounted that candidate but after speaking to them on the phone they sounded great!" - People Hire People - Follow up on applications within 2 days by phone, speak directly to the decision makers and make a lasting impression! This tactic will improve your chances exponentially.

4.) Trusting Recruitment Agents

// Be warned, Recruitment Agents are NOT your friend! - Recruitment agencies get paid for placing you in a job, so their actions will always be based around making the highest fee possible. They will always follow the path that makes them the most money and not what is in your best interest. Tread carefully!

5.) You're Being Too Generic

// You need to tailor your application to each position you apply for. "If you try to appeal to everyone you'll appeal to no one". Be specific, actually write a good cover letter and mirror terms used in job adverts within your CV / Resume. I know this takes longer, but employers will respect you for it and you will notice the increase in interviews immediately - guaranteed!

6.) Typos! - Attention To Detail!

// As David Ogilvy (the father of advertising) once said "If it is something important, get a colleague to read and improve it." I would say your CV is pretty important, so get someone else to proof read your CV, tell them the types of positions you are applying for and if they can offer up any suggestions or find any typos / grammatical errors.

7.) You're Not Organised Enough (make Excel your best friend).

// Track your activity - keep tabs on your applications and interviews and stay organised, if you understand what's working (and what's not) you'll never miss an opportunity again. Download or create a Job Search Organiser to log everything and ensure you boss your job hunt!