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How To Print To PDF Without Borders or Margins

MS Word SupportSuzie Finch

So, you’ve written and designed your perfect Resume / CV, everything is looking great and you can’t wait to apply to that job opening, but hang on, you go to save it as a PDF (the best format for a CV) and the Margins / Borders are cutting out part of the document. Fear not, it’s a simple fix…

Follow these clear instructions on How To Print to PDF without borders or margins…

  1. Navigate to Page Setup with your Word file.

  2. Click Settings > Page Attributes

  3. Click Format for > Any Printer

  4. Paper Size > Manage Custom Sizes

  5. Click + to create a new custom size, call it Borderless

  6. Click the paper size boxes to make it the size you need (Letter is 8.5 x 11 / A4 is 8.3 x 11.7)

  7. Ensure Non-Printable Area reads as User Defined

  8. Change Margins within the boxes to 0

  9. Click OK.

Now you’re ready to print…

  1. Print Menu > Select your Printer

  2. Presents > Standard

  3. Select PDF > Save to PDF

  4. Type in your File Name and Save Location

  5. Save

Success! One perfect PDF conversion.