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6 Reasons Why You Didn't Land A Job Interview (and what to do about it)...

Suzie Finch
6 Reasons.png

If you've ever been left wondering "why not me" here's some insight into what happens to your CV after you've hit the "apply now" button.

1) The Hiring Manager never even saw your CV...

// Less than 5% of advertised jobs go through a direct hiring manager. What this means is your CV is subject to a pre-screening process conducted by an agent, office manager, HR person or similar. You need to win over this gatekeeper, here's how:

  • Speak to them directly - Sell your skills!

  • Make your CV awesome - For inspiration check out our shop

  • Use relevant keywords - Make your CV reflect the skills in the job ad.

2) You weren't quick enough...

// Make sure your CV is one of the first in the hat. Employers are most enthusiastic at the start of the job search process, they are keen to book interviews and fill positions. Ensure your application lands on the desk of an employer before interviews get arranged otherwise you might just end up on the pile of unreads

 Be active on the job sites - set up job alerts and apply to new positions immediately.

 3) You're being stalked...

// It's standard practice for employers to delve deep into your social status and online personality, so how you come across plays a key part in the selection process. In-fact over 50% of employers / recruiters have changed their mind after reviewing social profiles. 

Clean up your online brand, check privacy issues and delete derogatory comments.

 4) Your CV was a bit blurgh...

// A standard 2 page word document doesn't really cut it anymore, make an impact and drive interest in your skills. Be creative and highly professional with your CV template.

5) Tough competition..

// With average response rates to jobs circling around 62 applications expect to face stiff competition. Let your competitive side rule to give yourself the best chance of winning - stay organised, motivated and determined to win through - job search planners will also help.

 6) External factors...

// Things happen for reasons completely out of your control. It could be the vacancy was filled internally, a company restructure may have taken place, or a more critical role has opened up that needs filling first. Find out when situations arise so you can move on, focusing your time on active requirements.


“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”–Norman Vincent Peale